Build a Plan Solution with the Composite Products Extension


Create complex, configurable service bundles and let your customers build their own, personalized plans.

Custom Built Orders & Bundles Challenge

Selling online is no easy task when you need to offer custom-built services and products based on your clients unique requirements.

For example, your quote’s pricing may vary based on how many servers and computers your client has, the level of support they need (24x7 vs. regular business hours), and if they need additional services such as backup.

The Composite Product Solution

Included in our Managed Website Plus and eStore solutions, you can now let your clients easily build and order their own plan via your website.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic product kits
  • Add products in a bundle
  • Stock keeping requirements
  • Assign a fixed price or Per-item pricing
  • Ship products in one kit or individually



Allow your customers to build a custom quote based on their own configuration requirements:


Allow your customers to choose the service level they need:


Here's how their custom order configuration will look like before they purchase their solution:



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