Can you support Infusionsoft WordPress Opt-in Forms Plugin?


Yes! We do support this plugin and can activate it for you at any time upon your request.

The general setup steps are:

  1. Activate the plugin in your Pronto site (request this from a Pronto agent)
  2. Setup opt-in form in:
    • Choose pop up type
    • Set Design
    • Display Settings
  3. Create campaign in Infusionsoft using the WordPress Opt-In Goal
    • Note that nothing will show in Infusionsoft at the contact record after submitting the form, unless you've setup a Campaign with the WordPress Opt-in Goal.
  4. Activate pop up in your Pronto site

Known Limitations of this plugin:

Field display: there are only 3 choices for which fields can be shown on the form:

  • No Name Field (email only)
  • Single Name Field (+ email)
  • First + Last Name Fields (+email)

A reason for this limitation is that this opt-in solution is intended to acquire new newsletter subscribers first and foremost.


Example 1: Newsletter Fly In Pop Up

Opt-in Title: Free Monthly IT Tips
Opt-in Message: Join our mailing list to receive the latest IT news and updates from our team.
Button CTA: Subscribe!
Success Message Text: Thanks for subscribing!



Example 2: Consultation Popup

Opt-in Title: Get A Free IT Security Review
Opt-in Message: Let our IT experts review your network's security status to know whether you are at risk or not.
Button CTA: 
Schedule Now
Success Message Text: We've received your consultation request! One of our representatives will follow up with you soon.



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