Outage Postmortem - October 1st, 2017



On October 1st, 2017, clients may have experienced an outage starting at 7:08am (EDT). The outage lasted for approximately 35 minutes and was resolved by 7:43am (EDT).

The root cause was a temporary loss of one of our Amazon AWS servers, causing high CPU load, which led to downtime on our Phoenix platform.

Follow Up

In response to this outage, we've changed our process for maintaining our servers on Amazon AWS, and have introduced an additional backup to reduce delays in recovery from any future outages.

We sincerely apologise for the downtime caused by this - we understand how important it is that your website is available 100% of the time, and we will continue to aim for this. You can always monitor our platform status by visiting our Status page, and if you do notice any problems with your website, you can use our live chat service ("Chat with us!" at the bottom right of this page) to alert our Support team immediately and we will investigate the problem.

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