Setting up your Google AdWords Express Account with Pronto


Getting Started

Do you already have an existing Adwords Express account?



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  • We will guide you how to locate your Customer ID displayed on your account. You need to provide the 10-digit Customer ID for us.
  • We will guide you how to create an Adwords Express account and how to grant us the administrative access to manage your ad campaigns.
  • We’ll then send you a requesting email to  have an administrative access and manage your ad campaigns for you.   
  • During the setup, you need to have the info of your payment method ready and the Gmail account.
      Please click here for the instruction slides.  


Please click here for the instruction slides.



              If YES, please refer to "Step 17."                      If NO, please proceed to "Step 1" down below.         



***NOTE: Please keep in mind, while you are creating an Adwords Express account, that Pronto will get back at all the settings later and refines them for you.



Step 1

  • Click here to arrive on the sign-in page.
  • Click on the "SIGN UP" button to get started.




Step 2

  • Enter your company name and your website URL, and then it will lead you to the 3 easy step page.





Step 3

  • Click “Create Ad.”




Step 4

  • Select your ad goal. It could be to encourage prospects to visit your storefront, make a phone call, or take certain action on your website.




Step 5

  • Add (1) your targeted locations. You can choose either “Near my business” or “In specific cities, states or countries.”
  • Add (2) locations as many as you want. The more specific, the better!




Step 6

  • If you choose “Near my business,” you can adjust the radius of the coverage with the scale up or down.





Step 7

  • Choose (1) the language you want to advertise.
  • Enter (2) the product or service you want to promote.
  • Select (3) topics which are related to your product or service.




Step 8

  • Enter fictitious headline 1, headline 2, and description in the position (1), (2), and (3).
  • Your ad preview will be displayed on the right side box.




Step 9

  • Enter your daily budget. The system will estimate the spending per month for you.                            




Step 10

  • Review your ad setting. Pronto team will go over and make some edition on location, product/ service, budget, and ad setting later. You can keep everything as is for now.
  • Move up to the next button to proceed with payment info.




Step 11

  • Enter your payment info. in the following sections, Billing country, Time zone, Payments profile, and Customer info.
  • Choose the Account type as “Business.”




Step 12

  • Enter your business name and address in the required fields.




Step 13

  • Enter your credit card info. under the Payment method section.




Step 14

  • Tick on the I agree box and further with the “Next” button.




Step 15

  • The system will prompt you to the dashboard where the campaign can be monitored and managed.




Step 16

  • Take a look at the upper left corner where your company name is located. You can find the INACTIVE sliding button at the bottom of the box. We encourage you to slide the button to make inactive for now.
  • Our dedicated team member will refine your ad campaign and activate it later on.



Step 17

  • Click on the arrow at the upper left corner. It will lead you to the account info.




Step 18

  • Click at the hamburger menu to reveal the account info.




Step 19

  • Click on settings and it will reveal your account info.
  • Under the Account preferences is where you can locate the customer ID




Step 20

  • Provide us with the customer ID. We will send you a requesting email to grant us to be your account admin.





Step 21

  • Please check your Gmail inbox and look for the requesting email.
  • Follow the instruction in the email.




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