Analytics - Visitor ID Tracker Instruction


This instruction will help you understand more about our Visitor ID Tracker service and get the most out of leads you've got.

What is Visitor ID Tracker?

Visitor ID Tracker turns anonymous website visitors into qualified sales leads. No matter how good your website is, only a small percentage of visitors will ever call or submit an email form, Visitor ID Tracker helps you to identify those unknown visitors (which are large portion) so your sales team could follow up with them.


Doesn’t Google Analytics Give You That?

Now let's see what your sale team really wants and what Google Analytics gives you.

Sales wants to know:

  • Who exactly is visiting the website
  • The moment when they visit
  • What products/services are they interested in?

Google Analytics:

  • Anonymous incoming traffic data
  • Anonymous visitor behavior data
  • Anonymous conversion data
  • But it does almost nothing for the direct sales effort

As you can see, although you get a lot of information from Google Analytics, it your sales team almost nothing for their direct sales effort or following up into your CRM process. So here's how Visitor ID Tracker comes in.

VisitorIDTracker will tell you:

  • Who is on your website
  • What products/services they are interested in
  • Get an Email Alert at the moment when they visit


How Visitor ID Tracker Works


 Anatomy of A Prospect (Email) Alert

  • Who: Prospect Summary tells you 'Who' is visiting your website
  • What: What Product or Service this prospect may be interested in by showing what pages they viewed
  • Why: 
    • Additional contacts at the company
    • Who else you might know at this company
    • 12+ sources of Quick Research on this Prospect
  • When:
    • Notify in Real-Time
    • Timing is very important in sales
    • This can be a game changer for your sales team


Email Alert Part 1: We Have Identified A Prospectss2.png

Email Alert Part 2: Prospect Buying Intent


Email Alert Part 3: We Deliver Quick Research about the Prospect

We automatically grab data about your prospect using 12 different information sources. Then we email you this research to your sales team with your prospect alert.

This gives your sales team valuable data at their finger tips to reinforce the sales call.


Quick Research: Drilling Down for Details


What Other Information Does Visitor ID Tracker Provide?

In addition to all the information already provided, we provide quick access to:

  • News about the prospect company
  • 90% of social Media Coverage including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs
  • Hoovers (Dun and Bradstreet look up)

Now it's time to call the prospect. Happy Selling!

How To Leverage Visitor ID Tracker

As explained, only a small percentage (around just 2%) of website visitors complete contact forms or pick up the phone to call. Use Visitor ID Tracker to reach the other 98%. Visitor ID Tracker is ideal for:

  • Tracking hot prospects
  • Prospecting for new business
  • Tracking competitors
  • Researching what current clients are interested in
  • Researching product or service interest areas prior to contract renewals or RFP submissions
  • Knowing when corporate suitors are checking out your site

I hope this answered everything about how to get started with our Visitor ID Tracker service. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

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