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Location-based data is becoming an increasingly important part search engine algorithms and controlling your listings/citations in Search Portals, Internet Yellow Pages (IYP), Hyper Local and Vertical directories is becoming more important along with it. To get the maximum SEO impact, your listings need to be accurate and consistent across all business directories.

Pronto has partnered with Localeze – one of the leading directory data distributors in the U.S. and recently named the Best Location-Based Data Platform by The LOCALS –  to bring you an easy and affordable way to manage your listings on directories around the web. For $150 per year, your listing information will be included in Localeze's directory database allowing it to be collected and published by the 100+ directories in their network.

Why It's Important

Location-based data is becoming an increasingly important part of search engine algorithms. I won’t even get into the importance of location data in mobile search – that deserves an entire article to itself.

This program assists with two aspects of local SEO: 1) increasing the number of listings (referred to as "citations" within the SEO industry) for your company around the internet, and 2) improving the consistency of the information in those listings.

Each year, a group of local SEO experts get together and vote on the most influential local ranking factors. This year, Volume of Traditional Structured Citations came in at #4. This means that the quantity of your company listings in directories can have a huge impact on your local rankings. The more listings a search engine is able to find for your business, the more credibility they will give to your website.

Coming in at #5 and #8, respectively, are Crawlable Matching Address and Crawlable Matching Phone Number. Without exact matches, search engines have a difficult time attributing listings to your company. Localeze creates a single source for data management allowing us to ensure that your information is consistent and up to date.

Why It's REALLY Important

We've been tracking traffic analytics and rankings for our clients that are already participating in the program and have found that it takes a few months for it to build up in effectiveness, but our research shows that patience pays off. Companies that have been involved in the program average 34.7% more organic search traffic than those not in the program. Enrolled businesses also averaged a 14.58% increase in organic search traffic over an 8 month period while non-participating businesses only saw an anverage increase of 3.67%. Read more details on our research.

How It Works

As soon as you sign up, we will submit your company information for inclusion in Localeze's database. From there, any one of the directories included in the Localeze network can collect your information, review it against any existing information they might have, and publish/update your listing on their site. For some of the major directories, this process might take a week or two - for others, it could take several weeks.

Some Important Things to Understand

As part of our standard services, we make sure your company is listed on Google Places, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local. These three listings are the foundation of your local SEO platform which is why we include them as part of our standard fee at no additional cost to you. Although closely related, the Business Listing Management Service is a separate program. It adds to the strength of your Google, Bing, and Yahoo listings and improves your overall SEO.

While Localeze works very closely with each directory and pushes them to keep their site as current as possible, the final publication of listings is ultimately the responsibility of each individual directory. So although Localeze has over 100 directories in their network, your listing may not be published on every single one.

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Tim Kelsey
SEO & Analytics Manager

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