Web Browser Compatibility and Support


Several aspects were considered for our browser compatibility and support, mainly we factor in the browsers' market share, compatibility with our tools and plugins, and our development resources.

It is highly recommended to upgrade your browser of choice to the latest version for the best viewing experience, compatibility and security.

Proactive Support

The following browsers will be supported proactively. We will be checking our work on them to make sure that the website looks awesome for the majority of Internet users.

Browser / OS Version
Firefox / Windows and macOS Current
Chrome / Windows and macOS Current
Edge / Windows Current
Safari / macOS 11.0.3+

Reactive Support

The following browsers will be supported reactively due to their sizable market share with legacy status. Your website should look and perform normally in these browsers but please be aware that some CSS3 properties and HTML5 elements are not fully supported. If you notice anything weird let us know and we'll do our best to fix them.

Browser / OS Version
Internet Explorer / Windows 11
Firefox / Windows and macOS 52.0.2 ESR

Mobile Browsers

The latest version of mobile browsers using Webkit (iOS) and Blink (Android) engines are proactively supported. Mainly we'll test on Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android.

Beta/Dev/Nightly Versions

The bleeding edge browsers are for the brave who have signed on to see bugs, we do not support them but we will be vigilant on the development of browsers as always.

Legacy Browsers

We will not be able to support any browser version that has passed its release for more than two years unless noted otherwise.

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