An overview of the Edit Pages page.


"Pages" or "All Pages" will take you to the same page.

Overview page


1. Sort by All, Published or Draft pages.
2. Search Pages - this can be very helpful if your site contains a lot of pages.
3. Apply bulk actions to selected posts (edit, delete)
4. Sort through pages (of pages)
5. Select multiple pages for bulk edit.
6. Select, edit or view pages.
7. View the last author of a page
8. View a pages comments.
9. View the date a page was published (or is scheduled to be published).

Hover over a page title to view options


Clicking on the page title or "Edit" will take you to the page editor window.
Quick edit opens a quick page editor within the page.
Delete DELETES the page!
View takes you to the live page (best to open in a new tab/window).

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