How do I create a new page?


Click "Add New" from the Pages menu


You can maximize the Pages menu without refreshing the page by clicking on the down arrow.

Add a page title


Enter the text for the page's title. A slug (permalink URL) will automatically be created.

Add page content


When adding new content, make sure to type directly into the page editor window. If you need to past content, make sure to paste from a plain text editor such as Notepad or use the "Paste as Plain Text" feature.

This will ensure that your page's content inherits the website's CSS and not any unnatural "junk" code.

Save as a Draft


Save your page as a draft save the contents without publishing anything.

Set the page's visibility


Public: visible to everybody.
Password protected: allows you to set a password. If this setting is checked users will be instructed to enter a password before given access to view the page.
Private: Page will only be visible to registered users.

Edit the publish settings


The default is to publish the page immediately. You can also pre or postdate pages. Post dating can be helpful for future events - the page will not appear visible until the set date.



Publish your page for the world to see!

View your new page


After a page is published a "View page" link will appear above the page's title.

It's helpful to open the new page in a new tab/window so you can toggle back and forth to make final tweaks.

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