How do I connect my blog's RSS feed to my LinkedIn company page?


This lesson will explain how to connect your blog to your LinkedIn company page. When configured properly, new blog posts will be shown on your company page.

Access the Companies section


From your LinkedIn profile, access the Companies page.

Edit company info


Click the Edit info button for the company you would like to add your RSS feed to.

Access Company Blog settings page


Enter your blog's RSS feed


The main feed to fetch ALL posts will either be /blog/feed or /feed. Usually both will work and serve the same purpose.

Here's a lesson on how to gather your blog's different RSS feeds:

Choose the correct feed


LinkedIn may find and suggest some different feeds from your blog. Choose the one you would like to display. Again, /feed or /blog/feed will display ALL posts on your blog.

Confirm RSS addition


When configured properly, you'll see a success message. New blog posts should now show up on your company's profile page.

Good work!

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