How to edit the DNS records to point to Pronto?


First, you will have to find out where your DNS is hosted, simply go to and type your domain name to find out.

Here's a sample:


You can see that the registrar for is GoDaddy, and is using the Name Servers -- for GoDaddy. These are considered the default Name Servers for GoDaddy. Other popular default Name Servers include for Network Solutions and for Namecheap.


If you have different ones then you might have to check in with your current hosting/email provider first, some hosts like DreamHost, 1and1, and StartLogic provide their own DNS management system and you may have to do the editing through the related providers.  


We have several guides for popular DNS management system:


For other providers, the methods are similar, but you may have to go through different interfaces to navigate to the DNS manager, Google has published some general guides for several other popular DNS managers.

Once you have located the DNS manager for the domain you are going to point to us, please do the following:

  1. Under the section "A record or A Host" add a '@' with the IP to the blank field. 

     Make sure there are no other records for '@' or blank in CNAME or A sections, or there will be a DNS conflict.

  2. Under the "CNAME record" section add the designated record to the blank space beside WWW. Your designated record usually has the format depending on which server you are on.

    This information should be provided by the project manager at Pronto.

    Make sure there are no other records for 'www' in CNAME or A sections, or there will be a DNS conflict.
If your provider forces you to have NS records (e.g. Namecheap), then you will have to signup for an external DNS service, we recommend CloudFlare for ease of use, speed and security.
And as always, please let us know if you have any questions or issues.
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    Jay Norberg

    I have attached the info that I got when I looked up the domain on I was waiting for GoDaddy to get back to me on the transfer procedure but I see that can transfer it also. If I'm reading the info correctly the domain name server is HealthTouch. Do I need to contact them?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Jay,

    We have looked up your current DNS records and we think that you could completely transfer the domain management to GoDaddy and skip HealthTouch. To do this, simply go to the domain's details page, click on "Nameservers" and change the setup type to the first choice and the DNS identifier should be ""



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    Todd Takada

    Urgent: Website down. 403 Error. Please provide live support assistance ASAP.