We Recommend CloudFlare for DNS Management


Some of our clients have asked us what we recommend for DNS management, we recommend (and use ourselves) CloudFlare for DNS management and also use their many other features.

CloudFlare features at their free account level provide great benefits for DNS response time, Security, CDN, and an even an Always Online feature that will continue serving your site even if the site's origin is unavailable. 

Reasons we recommend CloudFlare:

  1. Fast DNS - CloudFlare provides one of the fastest free Name Server services in the world
  2. Security - they have the capability to patch security vulnerabilities in real time and are actively blocking thousands of spammers and web bots across their network at all times
  3. Content Delivery Network - their content delivery network is top notch and competitive with some of the top CDN providers.
  4. Free HTTPS - CloudFlare is now offering an easy to setup SSL/TLS encryption for your domain on their free tier

How to get started with CloudFlare for Free:

  1. Sign Up and Follow their Setup Process - CloudFlare Sign Up


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