Creating a Google+ page and adding Pronto as a manager


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1. To get started, you'll need a Google Account. This can be a Gmail account, a GoogleApps account, or any email address used to create a Google Account. If you don't already have one, create one here.

2. Log into your Google Account, go here and click the "Start Now" button.


3. Search your company name or address and fill in your company's information.

4. If you'd like to quickly add a logo for your business, go ahead. If not, that's fine too. We'll take care of this when we build your customized design. Click "Continue" and on the next page, click "Finish."

5. Congrats! Your business now has a Google+ page. 


6. To add Pronto as an admin, go to the 9 square menu in the top right corner and select my business.




7. Click user



8. Click the manager users topic and choose add managers






8. Click add Clark Nolan( and Cindy Nolan( to be your managers of the page then send invitation.




9. Don't forget to visit the Pronto Marketing Google+ page and add us to your circles!

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    Ray Corriveau

    Invite sent...

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    Tim Kelsey

    Great! Thanks, Ray.

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    Tomi Phillips

    I think this was completed. Please let me know if you still need the admin info. Thanks.

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    Ray Corriveau

    Who is Tomi and Phillips Technology Solutions?

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    Lance Stone

    Done but the adding to the circle took me some time to figure out.

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    Mark Putiyon

    Done !

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    John Dusek

    ok done.

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    Jeanine Caparoso


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    Roy McKenzie

    Got it