Guideline for selecting effective local keywords






Why local keywords?

Local keywords can help narrow search results for your prospects in local areas and avoid competition from difficult keywords used by International or national corporates.

Below is an example of how people would search for an IT services in Harrison, NY.

  •   Format = Industry keyword + Local keyword
  •   IT services Harrison
  •   IT services Harrison, NY


City or State?

State is geographically large. There’re many counties and cities in it which some of those cities could be 10-hour drive away from your business location.  Without city names, targeting only state name can be harder and ineffective for local search results.

Therefore, state name should be one of your local keywords but should not be considered as primary when stands alone.

One state or two states?

If your business location is near the edge of state 1 which is close to a city Z in state 2 then why not having two state names as your local keywords.


Targeted local cities – especially if they are to be primary keywords – should be less than 1 hour drive from your location or as close as possible because the names of far distant cities (let say, 10-hour-drive away!) can be very ineffective local keywords.

Population density

Some close cities may have low business potential because of its low population density, so they should not  be considered as primary keywords.

Number of competitors

Although some surrounding cities may have high population density which seem to be interesting names to use but they may also have extremely high number of competitors as well. In this case, you may need to think about it carefully and please keep in mind that you know your local areas the best.

Common nicknames or accustomed names for locality

When you refer to these names, they may not exist on the map but they’re widely used in specific local areas. These names can be powerful local keywords as well.

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    Lucien Burnett

    I am a rookie here with how this works. I want to focus our reach to individuals who are looking to add hedge funds into their "self directed IRA's". These individuals need to be working with certain administrators like "Millennium Trust" and "Schwab" and "Fidelity" who are active in administrating self-directed IRA's that can hold hedge funds. We do not use the word IRA in our website for certain reasons. we probably could it it helped. can you advise?