Local Search Citations in Canada


For those of you not familiar with this topic: a “citation” or “web reference” is a reference to your business on some other website. It is not necessarily a link and always contains your physical business address and/or local phone numbers.

Registering yourself at the local business listing directories help increasing your Local search engine rankings.


1) YellowPages.ca
Please note that ALL individual listings on Maps.Google.ca now seem to display “Business listings distributed by YellowPages.ca ” at the bottom of each Listing Details page (here are a couple of examples) — so that’s where I’d start.  It appears that all that’s required is a business line registration with the Canadian Yellowpages.  Note that PagesJaunes.ca appears to be the same company & also frequently appears as a citation.

2) 411.ca
Probably needs no explanation. Sign Up Here

3) ShopinCanada.com network
This standard, well-optimized business directory seems to appear awfully frequently, especially in less-competitive niches. Perhaps comparable to Marchex’s OpenList in the US. Sign Up Here

4) CityDirect.info network
Similar to ShopinCanada and Marchex’s OpenList, each individual city in Canada (at least the major metropolitan areas) has its own directory.  Sign Up Here

5) Canpages.ca
Their interface looks a little dated, but apparently their information is pretty good…because it seems to show up quite a bit.  Sign Up Here — Update — Greg Sterling relayed today that CanPages has acquired ZipLocal.

6) ZipLocal.com
The process for submitting to ZipLocal is a little convoluted, but you can visit their homepage and click “Add a Listing” in the footer.

7) WebLocal.ca
Looks like a fairly new, but well-indexed, entrant in the Canadian Local Search space. Sign Up Here

8) FoundLocally.com

The process for FoundLocally is a little easier, but you’ve got to find the proper city first.  Here’s a direct link for a Calgary business submission

Citation Sources not Specific to Canada

1) Yelp Canada
Probably doesn’t need a description…here’s where to sign up for Yelp for Canadian Business Owners

2) BBB.org Canada
BBB requires an application for accrediation — fill one out by contacting their Vice President for Business Relations

3) Hotfrog Canada
Hotfrog got a somewhat surprising number of mentions in the recent Local Search Ranking Factors results. Here’s where to submit for Canada

4) iBegin.com
Ahmed Farooq is well-known for his involvement in the Local SEO community & iBegin is a great place to submit your business listing (free of charge)



Source: David Mihm

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