What is the purpose of sending the welcome email, and how will it help?


Why should you send out a welcome email?

Sending out a welcome email is a great way to introduce your new website and monthly email newsletters, so your clients and prospects get a heads up on what's coming! The welcome email also provides an opportunity for subscribers to opt-out from the newsletter subscription if they wish.

With this, you can be sure your mailing list is fairly clean, and that you'll only be contacting those who are really interested and see value in receiving future newsletters and other announcements. It will also help prevent your address from being marked as spam and remove bounced emails.

Who is the welcome email sent to?

 The welcome email will be send to the recipients on the provided distribution list on your behalf.

When is the welcome email draft created? Will we get to review it?

The welcome email draft will be created after your website goes live, and after we receive the recipients list from you.

Once we finish creating the welcome email draft, we will send it to you for review first, in case you would like to make any additional changes. The welcome email draft will not be sent out until we hear back with an approval from you.

* Note that your entire newsletter process depends on the welcome email being sent out. Please reply back to your Newsletter Producer even if you don't want to send it out in order to move the process forward. *

Can we skip sending the welcome email?

Yes, of course. If you would like to skip the welcome and move forward with the newsletter process, you will have to make sure that the mailing list which you will be providing to us is a clean list.

Other than that, all you need to do is simply let us know, and we will get the newsletter process started.


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