How can I edit email campaigns?


If you'd like to create/edit your own email campaigns, please follow the instructions below.
However, newsletter email campaigns are a bit trickier. We suggest you contact your email newsletter producer for changes to be made for best results.

1. After log in at, you will see a list of campaign drafts. Click on the name of a campaign you would like to edit. (See red-boxed area.)



2. Click "Edit" button in the yellow box, right of the capture below.



3. Click "Edit" button of areas you wish to make changes to. (Refer to green-boxed areas.)



4. Area for editing should show up to the left of the page. Here, you can add and/or remove any contents or images within the campaign content. To edit by using HTML codes, click "<> Source" as seen in the blue-boxed area.



5. Now, you can make changes to the content in HTML as seen in the red-boxed area.



6. Don't forget to hit "Save changes" button as seen in the Purple-circled area, "Preview," and test your campaign before scheduling for changes. If you need any assistance, feel free to submit a support ticket and let us know.


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