What is Email Authentication, and why should I worry about it?


Email Authentication is the method to verify that email campaigns we send on your behalf is authorized and sent from your company. Doing so will increase deliverability rate, ensuring that  your email campaigns reach your recipients’ inboxes without getting caught in spam boxes.

When setting up a campaign, the “from address" is whichever address you would like to use. These days it is getting  tougher and tougher to prove if an email actually came from the person it claims to be sent from.


Email authentication fixes this by letting you add some simple information to your domain name's DNS records that says who's allowed to send email campaigns on your behalf.

Without getting into too much of the boring, technical details, there are two main authentication standards you should support called Sender ID and Domain Keys/DKIM. What is important is that different ISP's use one or a combination of both so to get the best results we've made it as easy as possible to support both standards.

However, this process of adding records must be done by you. You might need to log on to your DNS/hosting provider website and add these records by yourself. Different providers have completely different steps of verifying the domain key. But, if you find any problems performing this, please kindly let us know.

** Please note that this step is optional, and there are some providers that don’t support this method of authentication, if you find yourself in these provider, you can either skip this or change the provider.  For the list of provider that support this authentication method, please follow this link http://www.kitterman.com/spf/txt.html

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