How can I get notified of new subscribers?


Subscriber Notifications provide a new way to keep up with the people joining your subscriber lists. We've given you and every person in your account complete control over what details you'd like to know about and when. If you want to enable or disable these, go here - Manage My Notifications.

Instant Notifications

If you're interested in learning everything you can about each person that joins your list, you can activate them on a list-by-list basis, and every time someone signs up, we'll send you something like this...


A sample instant notification with custom fields

Each email will include all the data they might have supplied when subscribing. These notifications can be set on a list-by-list basis, so you're only updated instantly.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Summaries

As well as instant notifications, you can also choose a daily, weekly or monthly summary that gives an overview of all the new subscribers across every list. 


A sample monthly summary showing new subscribers across multiple lists

How to turn notifications on -  Manage Notifications

Go to the Lists & Subscribers page and you'll see the notifications in the sidebar like below. Or you can follow this link. 


From there you can select any lists you'd like updates for, and if you'd like to receive a daily, weekly or monthly summary across all of your lists.

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