How can I use an HTML formatted email signature on Outlook?


To use an HTML formatted email signature on Outlook, try following these easy steps below:

  • Save the HTML code of your email signature as an HTML file if you haven't got one already.
  • Compose a new email on Outlook by clicking the New E-mail button on the Home tab.
  • Whenever you're ready to insert the HTML email signature, follow a few easy steps below:
    1. Click on the Attach File option (with a paper clip icon)


    2. Browse for the HTML file of your email signature and select the file


    3. Click on the small down arrow on the right of the Insert button

    4. Select Insert as Text option from the dropdown menu


    5. Wait until the email signature shows up on the message body box


  • All should be set and good to go!


Note: If you'd rather not attach the HTML file of the email signature every time you compose an email message, you may choose to create a template with the signature included for future uses.

Complete the steps above and follow instructions provided on the two pages listed below:

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