Can you add X feature or function to my website?


According to the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, there's already more than, 5,000 marketing technology solutions! The good news is we work with most major business SaaS providers already.


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Of course, we don't integrate with all 5,000 apps, so the answer is...Maybe...

Typically the issue isn’t that it can’t be done. It's just a matter of "a little development".  When we look at a new function there are four considerations;

  • Does it introduce any risk to our production environment?
    We have infrastructure in place that can sale to host thousands of WordPress Multisite-based websites. We need to be very careful what we introduce into this environment so as not to have a negative impact for all sites.

  • What is the impact on our development and test resources?
    Development is a finite resource and budget. The decision to do one thing is an explicit decision to not do something else. We have a long, long list of development projects, stretching months and years into the future. The decision to do one thing is an explicit decision to not do something else at that time. So we must prioritize each request in balance with others.

  • Does it scale?
    There are many things that can be hacked together. But in so much as possible we want everything we take on to be able to scale in terms of managing the account, the production process and infrastructure. If we have dozens and dozens of one-off pieced together solutions it’s going to grow into a problem. If we do something we want to do it right and delight our client! 

  • Does it represent a market opportunity or delight our clients?
    Does the investment of a new functionality open up a new business opportunity for us? Is it an asked for feature? If we did this does it make us attractive in other verticals? Is it just a core functionality we should support? We're customer driven, if it's important to a significant part of our client base, that is an important factor.

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