What happens to our website if we cancel with Pronto?


If you have been with Pronto for twelve or more months, when you cancel your subscription, you can take all website content, blog articles, graphic designs, webpage layout and rendered HTML/CSS.

If you want to reproduce the website, that is allowed.

We, however, do not provide the underlying WordPress CMS and plugins code and database files. What we can provide is a Wordpress eXtended RSS (WXR) file for your website's content (posts and pages) to be imported to other Wordpress setups.

At cancellation, if there were elements of your website you wanted to keep, you could download any graphics and save any web pages in a number of webpage or other formats. We do not provide any files other than the WXR file and what you could download or copy from the website itself.

If your Pronto subscription has been active for less than twelve months, our Terms of Service do not allow you to reuse any of the content, images, graphics, white papers, blog articles or any other elements of the website. 

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