Why can't I just take my WordPress site with me when I cancel?


There are a number of technical and business reasons why when you cancel with Pronto you cannot take your site's complete set of source code, database and content. You are allowed, after 12 months, to all content and design elements, but not source code and other infrastructure elements. 

We do get asked "Why not?" because with a standard WordPress install it is possible to archive the site's content, code and database and move to a different sever. Here are some of the reasons why we don't provide this option;

  • Pronto is using WordPress Multisite which is a set of features to allow hosting thousands of websites (or blogs in WordPress nomenclature) on a single WordPress instance. There isn't a function to archive a single site's content and database structure out of the main database and code.
  • Our specific instance of WordPress is in a multi-server infrastructure, with Pronto customizations, that would further complicate a standard WordPress archive. 
  • Pronto has invested in significant development of tools and extensions to WordPress to enable us to provide high-quality websites that we can support and maintain for our clients. From a technical perspective many of these extensions, widgets and plug-ins aren't designed to be packaged for "take-away" into a different infrastructure, so many elements of a website would stop functioning or working correctly. In addition, from a business perspective we don't do any custom development of websites, the investments and innovations Pronto has developed are valuable intellectual property of Pronto, developed for our use, not for license to others. 
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