How to call the elements on web pages?


When requesting for website updates, sometimes you might wonder the term to point out what is to be edited or where to add/remove things.

Here's a quick guide to what and where things are on Pronto-styled pages:




  • Header widgets, main navigation, and footer widgets are site-wide, they have to be the same on every pages.
  • It's a great idea to have a shorter sidebar on the homepage for aesthetics, or balance the height between the sidebar and the homepage content.
    On the image above, it is unbalanced and make the page looks strange as a whole.
  • The order of the widget in primary widget area and secondary widget area could be swapped around, e.g. the form could be moved to be the first sidebar widget. 


Internal Pages



  • We can hide the sidebar navigation, but the order of the links are synchronized with the main navigation bar on the top. 
  • We can remove of the sidebar and stretch out the content to fill the area (please ask for One Column template).
  • Blockquote can have icons too!


Landing pages

The sidebar is on the right, and usually the page is hidden from navigation.



  • We can make squeeze pages (landing page without header and footer), but generally it's a better idea to have a general landing page for better User Experience in navigation and site's consistency.
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