Do you have a list of your White Papers?


Here is a list and sample branded White Papers that we have available for our MSP clients.

  • Small Business Networking - View
  • Managed IT Services for Small Businesses - View
  • Small Business Mobility - View
  • VoIP for the Small Business - View
  • Web Collaboration - View
  • Outsourced IT - View
  • Customer Data Protection - View


If you're an MSP and you want these on your site, let us know and we'll brand them for your company and get them up for your customers to download. 

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    Trent Nyffeler

    Would like to see some new White Papers. Maybe one on Back up and Disaster recovery. Maybe one on Bringing Mobile Devices to work. Their are plenty of topics that are not covered here That would be good to have a variety to rotate on the page as well as be able to create a landing page featuring one of them, Thanks

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    Derek Brown

    Hi Trent - these are some good suggestions. We need to update these - and there are new topics. What do you think about a format that's a little more graphic and presentation style, than white paper? Do you think your prospects and clients would respond to this approach better? 

    If you come across any good presentations, white papers, websites, or other content that you think is good on these topics, please send our way to get the ideas flowing. 

    Thanks for the suggestion,


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    Nickolas Rorris

    Hi Pronto,

    We are also interested in updating the whitepapers on our website. Some topics of interest are: Cloud and Mobility, Office 365, Managed Backup (Business Continuity), ROI (return on investment), TCO (total cost of investment), IT Disaster Recovery Plan, etc..... Basically, some food for thought for prospects who are visiting our site or that we can send them, as educational pieces.

    Also, how soon can something be produced? The more important topics would be about the cloud/office 365.



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    Steve Hutchison

    It appears this topic, and the possibility of additional, updated white papers has fallen off the radar at this point? I would also be very interested in providing updated white papers on our Pronto website.