What and Where is the Pronto Infrastructure?


All Pronto websites on our legacy platform are hosted in the EU Ireland region of Amazon Web Services (AWS). All of our legacy websites are hosted on WordPress using Multisite features. 

To build and ensure we have a highly available WordPress Multisite environment, we work closely with our our hosting partner AWS under their Virtual Private Cloud services to build a highly redundant architecture with multiple failover protection layers for the highest availability.  

Our infrastructure is designed to quickly scale as needed with additional servers, and is monitored 24x7. Our database and other servers are backed up daily.  We also maintain deep and redundant monitoring across our infrastructure to dispatch our team and AWS support engineers if system behavior is abnormal. 

AWS Platform Services Used:

For those who are more technically inclined, the technologies that we use include:

  • Varnish Cache - front end full page caching layer for faster page loads.
  • Nginx - high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy layer to handle web requests.
  • HHVM - ultra-high-performance JIT PHP compiler built by Facebook.
  • Php-fpm - high-performance PHP processing alternative FastCGI implementation.
  • Memcached - a distributed memory caching system caching database queries. 
  • MySQL - database layer stored in SSD drives on AWS RDS. 

24x7 Monitoring Layers:

Infrastructure Architecture Overview

At a high level, here is an overview of the new infrastructure pieces and architecture showing the different layers, redundancy across availability zones, and failover points.




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