What is Healcode?

HealCode is a platform that pulls information from your Mindbody and provide them in a format that could be embedded on websites.

Pronto has been working closely with Healcode to seamlessly integrate Healcode widgets on our websites.

Check out Healcode's official introductory video:

What widgets are available?

  • Schedule - Weekly schedule (Demo)
  • Prospect - Contact form (Demo)
  • Enrollments - Sign up form, similar to Prospect but can ask for more details
  • Staff List - Pulls biography of staffs and link to their schedules (Demo)
  • Class List - Lists out descriptions and photos of different type of classes, also link to filtered class schedule (Demo)
Each widgets are created and customized individually, so you can select which ones you would like to be added on your website.

How to signup?

Healcode costs $15 per month, and you can signup on their pricing page.

How to add the widgets to my website?

You can give Pronto temporary access to your Healcode account and we will create the widgets and add them on the website for you.

Otherwise, you can also generate the widgets by yourself and send us the Javascript code to be embedded on the website.

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