How To Update Billing Credit Card


To update your credit card follow these steps.

The short way:
(If you're not logged in into your Pronto account, you will be redirected to your billing page after once you've done so.)

The long way: see the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Pronto Account -

  2. Click on your Profile > Account > Billing & Payments > Update Billing

  3. Use the form to update your billing information.  On this page you can update:
  • Billing Contact - your Contact that Invoices are sent to.
  • Billing Address - your physical address for billing purposes.
  • Credit Card Details - your credit card for billing. Note - this data sent directly to our billing partner Paypal. 
  • Credit Card Billing Address - our system also supports a separate address that is for your credit card if is different than your Billing Address.
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  • Avatar
    John Brown

    Hello. I apologize, but my credit card didn't go through on the payment for Inv. INV00111226. For some reason, I can't access the payment information screen. Anyway, the card is fine. Could you please try to run the payment through again?

    Thank you!

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    Nancy chen

    I am login now .. can you show me how to update account

  • Avatar
    Rocio Cassai

    I will copies of the 2 latest monthly invoices, can you please help?