2017 Thai Holidays


We always have a skeleton crew working on holidays. Requests may take a longer to complete on the particular day(s) or a few days after.

1 Monday 2-Jan-2017 New Year's Eve observed
2 Tuesday 3-Jan-2017 New Year's Day observed
2 Monday 13-Feb-2017 Makha Bucha Day observed
3 Thursday 6-Apr-2017 Chakri Day
4 Thursday 13-Apr-2017 Songkran Day*
5 Friday 14-Apr-2017 Songkran Day
6 Monday 17-Apr-2017 Songkran observed
7 Monday 1-May-2017 Labor Day
8 Wednesday 10-May-2017 Visakha Bucha Day
9 Monday 10-Jul-2017 Asalha Bucha Day observed
10 Friday 28-Jul-2017 Rama X's Birthday
11 Monday 11-Aug-2017 Mother's day observed
12 Friday 13-Oct-2017 Rama IX Memorial Day
13 Monday 23-Oct-2017 Rama V Memorial Day
14 Thursday 26-Oct-2017 Rama IX Funeral Ceremony
15 Tuesday 5-Dec-2017 Father's Day
16 Monday 11-Dec-2017 Constitution Day observed


* Most of our team members will take the week off during the Songkran festival, which is the traditional Thai new year's festival.

** Please note that some of the dates change year-to-year due to the fact that Buddhist holidays follow the Lunar Calendar.

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