Introducing Regional Caching in US East, US West, & Sydney Australia


We're excited to announce 3 new Regional Caching Node locations with Latency Based Routing to serve sites faster to users from regional locations.

With the new regional caching node locations and the routing, our platform will automatically route visitors to the fastest location to them, in most cases will be the nearest geographical location. This will provide significantly faster response times and faster page delivery to visitors. It's worth noting that the Regional Caching nodes are an addition on top of our CDN which features 50+ edge server locations serving the bulk of site's files (images, PDFs, javascript) to end users from local edge servers. 

Pronto Regional Caching Node Locations

  • US East - North Virginia, USA 
  • US West - North California, USA
  • AUS - Sydney, Australia
  • EU - Dublin, Ireland

Benefits of Regional Caching

  • Faster response times, less than 100ms for cached pages. 
  • Faster Full Site Load Time.
  • Additional Load Handling at Peak Traffic Periods
  • Improved redundancy and failure handling.

How do I take advantage of Regional Caching & Latency Based Routing? 

Regional caching and Latency Based Routing is configured in our DNS if you're using our default recommended DNS configuration to point your WWW record to our platform. 

We really hope you enjoy the update, if you have any questions, or any issues that you’re experiencing, don’t hesitate to submit a new ticket or drop us a line at support@prontomarketing.comand we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. 


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