Internet Marketing Report FAQ



Why isn't Google analytics included in my report?

If your website is still in production, there will be no Google Analytics data in your report. Once your website goes live, we create a Google Analytics profile for the site and link it to the Internet Marketing Report.

If your site is currently live and you are not receiving Google Analytics data in your report, please inform us at We'll make sure your Google Analytics account is set up corrently.

How do I sign up for the Facebook and Twitter reporting?

We usually integrate Facebook and Twitter Analytics for our Social Media client, however if you're not on our Social Media service you can always send a ticket to and our social media team will get in touch with you to sync your accounts to our reporting system.

How do I add/remove people from the list of Internet Marketing Report recipients?

Simply send a ticket to with the necessary changes and we'll take care of the rest!

I want to make changes to my SEO, how do I do that?

If you would like to adjust the SEO on your website, please send your changes in a ticket to We might even have some suggestions of our own!

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