Pronto Insights - Keyword Rankings


Ranking well on search engines for keywords that are relevant to your business is a cornerstone of your website's success. The Keyword Rankings Dashboard helps you track the performance for your most important keywords and see how your search rankings are fluctuating over time.


Main View

When you go to the Keyword Rankings Dashboard, at the top you will see the main view, which will give you an overview of your keyword rankings over time.

The information available in the main view includes:

  • Keyword Rankings - A graph which gives an overview of all your keyword rankings in Google over time
  • Highest Keyword Rank - Out of all the keywords you are tracking, what your highest rank is in Google 
  • Keywords Ranked in Top 5 - How many keywords you are ranked in the top 5 of Google for, out of all the keywords you are tracking
  • Keywords Ranked in Top 10 - How many keywords you are ranked in the top 10 of Google for, out of all the keywords you are tracking
  • Average Keyword Rank - What your average ranking in Google is for all the keywords you are tracking

Pronto Insights will gather information about your keyword rankings every 2 days and you can also easily view the rank of specific keywords on a certain day by rolling your cursor over that date.


Tracked Keywords View

Underneath the main view you can see a full list of your tracked keywords, which will give you an overview of different information about the keywords you are tracking.

The information available in the tracked keywords view includes:

  • Keyword - The name of the keyword
  • Google Rank - Its current ranking in Google
  • Search Volume - What volume of searches are made for this keyword every month
  • Difficulty - How difficult it will be to rank within the top 10 of Google for a specific keyword, represented with a score of 1-100 with 100 being the most difficult; if the difficulty score is displayed in orange or red it will be quite difficult to rank for that specific keyword


Adding or Removing Keywords to Track

Adding a keyword to track
Adding a keyword to track is simple. Just click the "Add Keywords" button in the top right corner, which will bring you to a new page. You can add up to 15 keywords to track and on this page you can easily add 1 or more keywords at a time. The page also contains helpful information about how to choose the right keywords to track. After you're done, click "Add Keywords" at the bottom.

Removing a keyword
To remove a keyword, simply click on the "Remove" button under the Manage column of the Tracked Keywords View.


Keyword Settings

The Keyword Settings page helps you configure a few additional options to help Pronto Insights track your keywords better.

The options you can set include:

  • Domain URL - The domain to be used when finding your rank in search results, usually just your website's domain
  • Your Google Locale - This is used to target Google's Country specific search engines to get the most accurate keyword search results; set it to reflect your location
  • Local Zip Code (Optional) - This is used to even further localize the search results and ranking for keywords for searches in your local area; enter the local zip code of where your business is located

After making any setting changes, make sure to click "Save Keyword Rank Settings".

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