How to Link and Switch Between Pronto Accounts


In many cases our clients have multiple businesses that they own, manage, or have some oversight of their websites. To support this case, we have Linked Accounts that allow a user to belong to multiple accounts. 

Create a New Linked Account

To create a linked account, follow this link - Create a Linked Account

You can alternatively choose the Create Linked Account link under the Accounts menu tab when you're logged in. To create the new account, use the form to input your new account's company name and it will setup a new linked account for that company that you'll have immediate access to. 



Switch Between Accounts

After you've created a linked account, you can then easily switch between linked accounts from your user profile dropdown like this. 

Once you switch, you'll be able to navigate around your second account just the same as your first one.

Invite Other Users to Join your new Account

You can also invite other users to join your account, whether they are new users to Pronto or existing users from another account. 

To invite new users, click on your Profile > Account > My Team > Add a new member. 



Link two existing accounts you already have:

Pronto accounts are linked to each other on a per user basis (ie. by unique email address).

Your user account can easily be linked to another company account by simply adding you to this second account. This can be done by any admin or owner user already on the account, or by submitting a request to our support team. 



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