Our Phoenix Platform fully supports an encrypted connection with the end users. If you'd like to setup SSL on your site, we highly recommend using Cloudflare's Free SSL option which is free, easy to setup, and low maintenance. One benefit and reason why we recommend Cloudflare over traditional certificates is that they expire and need to be renewed on a yearly basis which you don't need to worry about with Cloudflare. 

Cloudflare has 3 SSL Options, their Flexibly SSL is the easiest to setup and handles most of our client's encryption needs. 


Our Phoenix platform also works with traditional SSL/TLS certificates. We can take care of everything necessary to get SSL on your site, from start to finish. This service costs $99 annually for each certificate installed, or $150 for a 2 year certificate - you can purchase our SSL Certificate & Installation service on your Pronto Dashboard account.

We'll take care of everything from there - we prepare your site, generate the CSR and private key, buy the certificate, and install it on our servers. Once the setup is complete, we'll send you a message to let you know.

Alternatively, if you already have your own SSL certificate which you'd like to use, you can sign up for our free SSL - Installation Only service, and we'll get in touch with you to get the certificate.


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