Handling Form SPAM Submissions


It's an unfortunate fact of life that there are thousands upon thousands of bots on the Internet submitting forms sending SPAM to the website admins and digital marketers day and night. It's estimated that 90% of all email on the internet is SPAM which is staggering to think about. 

So, you got a spammy form submission on your website, what to do next?

The first initial thing that comes to mind when it happens is block email address and the IP address that it came from. Blocking IP addresses and email addresses however won't actually block the spammers though because they've gotten smart and change their email addresses all the time and use different IPs. 


The best way to handle form spam is by using Akismet, a spam detection service used by millions of websites that are collectively identifying spammers and bots and blocking them from submitting comments and forms. You can mark a form submission as SPAM through your Lead Insights Dashboard on the Lead Details page under Lead Actions. This will report the lead as SPAM to Akismet so it'll be blocked next time.  Akismet is active by default on all of our Phoenix sites by default. 


Another popular way is through using a Captcha Image on a form is a which has been around for a quite some time.  The cons of this approach are that robots now can get past them and they've been proven lower marketing conversion rates. This is a highly unrecommended approach but can be used on your site at your request. 


If the spammers are really persistent and the approaches above aren't effective then we recommend using CloudFlare which adds an extra layer of security out in front of your website that can detect bot traffic. Their network protects millions of sites on the internet which allows them collectively detect spammers and block them - read more about Cloudflare Security

Need some help with form SPAM submissions? Reach out to our team and we'll be happy to help. 



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