Enabling HTTPS on Cloudflare

  1. To get started, signup for a free Cloudflare account
  2. Transfer your domain's DNS management to Cloudflare by pointing your NS records to Cloudflare's servers; this might take some time to complete, depending on your DNS registrar's settings

  3. Once the DNS transfer has been completed, go to your domain and click "Page Rules"

  4. Add a new rule with the pattern http://www.yourdomain.com/ or http://www.yourdomain.com/ and enable the "Always use https" option then add the rule  
  5. Test accessing your website through https://www.yourdomain.com/ - it should work instantly or there could be 5-10 minutes delay. You should see the green padlock next to your domain on the browser address bar



  • If you are getting a browser warning after an hour, please delete the page rule and contact us.
  • If you are getting the grey padlock with a yellow warning sign, please send us a ticket and we'll go through your site and clean up http references.
  • If you are getting a "Too Many Redirects" error when accessing your site after setting up Cloudflare, change the SSL type from Full to Flexible on the Crypto page. If you'd like to use the Full SSL type, please contact us and we can help.
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