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The Traffic Dashboard helps you find out who is coming to your website, where they are coming from, and what they're doing on your website. You can also see your traffic trends over time, which channels are having the greatest impact and more. Let's take a look at every aspect of the traffic dashboard and how you can use it to get the big picture.


Main View

At the top of the Traffic Dashboard, you will see key information about your website traffic for the specified time period.

The information available in the main view includes:

  • Total Visitor Traffic - The number of times your website was visited during the specified time period
  • Unique Visits - The number of distinct individuals who visited your website during the specified time period
  • Avg Time On Site - The average amount of time visitors spent on your website during the specified time period
  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of visitors who came to your website during the specified time period who navigated away from the website after viewing only one page
  • Traffic Evolution - An overview of your traffic over the specified period of time, including which channels visitors came from


Adjusting the reporting timeframe
You can adjust the reporting timeframe by clicking on the calendar dates in the upper right hand corner to view your traffic data over the last 30 days, 6 months, year, or a custom timeframe.


Viewing information for specific channels
To view details for specific channels, filter which channels you want to see information about by clicking on the data indicators below the main chart.

You can sort your traffic data by the following channel types:

  • Organic Traffic - Visitors who came to your website as a result of unpaid search results
  • Direct Traffic - Visitors who came to your website by typing your website URL directly into their browser or visitors who came to your website from unspecified sources
  • Referral Traffic - Visitors who came to your website from direct links on other websites, not from search engines
  • Email Traffic - Visitors who came to your website from email marketing campaigns or email referrals
  • Paid Search Traffic - Visitors who came to your website via pay-per-click ads on search engines
  • Other Traffic - Visitors who came to your website from a traffic source that doesn't fit into any of the above channels


Change view type of the main chart
You can also view your Traffic Evolution chart as either an area chart or a bar chart, whichever helps you best visualize your data.


Additional Views

Below the main view on your Traffic Dashboard are four additional views that give you further details about your website traffic. Let's take a look at each view in more detail.

New vs Returning Visitors
The New vs Returning Visitors view separates your total visitors during the specified time period into two categories. New visitors are visitors who visited your website for the first time, based on cookie tracking. If a visitor deletes their cookies and comes back to the site, the visitor will be counted as a new visitor. Returning visitors are visitors who have made a previous visit to your website, based on cookie tracking. You can move your mouse over a specific category to see the exact number of visitors as opposed to the percentage.

Top Organic Keywords
Organic keywords are search keywords your website is listing for not as a result of paid advertisements and the Top Organic Keywords view displays the ones you received visitors from during the specified time period. Please note that a large number of visitors may be listing under "not provided" here, this happens when SSL search is employed.

Top Referrers
Top referrers shows you all referrers which sent traffic to your site, ranked in order of popularity, for the specified time period.

Top Pages
Top pages shows you the pages that were visited the most on your website. Please note that the top result is often simply a forward slash, which represents your homepage.

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