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Leads are among the most important metrics for any business and the From Submissions Dashboard makes sure that you have all the information you need about the leads coming from your website, helping you understand how your leads came to your website and which sources are driving the most conversions.

Main View

When you go to the Leads Dashboard, at the top you will see the main view, which will give you an overview of your lead data.



The information available in the main view includes:

  • Form Submissions - How many form submissions have been recorded within the selected time period
  • Top Lead Channel - Which channel has generated the most number of form submissions within the selected time period
  • Top Page - Which page on your website has collected the highest number of form submissions within the selected time period
  • Qualified Leads - Number of form submissions that you have qualified as a lead count as a qualified lead
  • Form Submissions by Channel - An overview of which channels your form submissions came from
  • Form Submissions Over Time - An overview of how many form submissions your website collected over time, including which channels they came from

Viewing information for specific channels
To view details for specific channels, filter which channels you want to see information about by clicking on the data indicators by each chart.


You can sort your form submissions metrics by the following channel types:

  • Organic - Leads who came to your website as a result of unpaid search results
  • Direct - Leads who came to your website by typing your website URL directly into their browser or visitors who came to your website from unspecified sources
  • Referral - Leads  who came to your website from direct links on other websites, not from search engines
  • Email - Leads who came to your website from email marketing campaigns or email referrals
  • Paid Search - Leads who came to your website via pay-per-click ads on search engines
  • Other - Leads who came to your website from a traffic source that doesn't fit into any of the above channels

Form Submission List 

The Form Submission List below displays your most recent leads collected by your website, including information on which channel they came from, when they were collected and how many times they visited the page in which they filled out the form.


You can easily sort your entries by name, channel, and creation date by using the toggles. You can also search for a specific lead, show more entries in the view, or navigate to more pages of lead entries.

Individual Lead View

To view more details for a specific lead, simply click the "eye" icon on its entry. This will take you to that lead's individual view where you can see a lot of information about it.


You can view the following information about each lead:

  • Name - The lead's full name
  • Email - The lead's email address
  • Date - The day the lead was collected by your website
  • Form - The form where your lead was collected by your website
  • Page - The page where your lead was collected by your website
  • Channel - The channel through which the lead visited your website
  • Campaign Name - It refers to the name you gave your campaign, if any
  • Source - It refers to the origin of your traffic, such as a search engine (for example, Google) or a domain (
  • Original Referrer - If the lead visited your website after being referred to your website from another, it will show here
  • First Visit - When the lead first visited your website
  • Total Visits - How many times the lead visited your website before filling out the form
  • Total Page Views - How many pages the lead visited on your website before filling out the form
  • Location - Where your lead was located when they were collected by your website
  • Form Submission Details - Includes all the data the lead filled out on the form, which varies depending on the form on your website. 

Exporting Your Leads


CSV Export
If you would like to export your form submissions for use in another application or for backup purposes, click on the "Export" button at the top right of your Form Submissions Dashboard and it will download all of your leads in a CSV file which you can open in any spreadsheet application or import into other applications.

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