Our Phoenix platform fully supports an encrypted connection with the end-users. If you'd like to setup SSL/TLS on your site, we highly recommend using CloudFlare's Free SSL option which is easy to setup and low maintenance. We support their Flexible SSL and Full SSL options for free. 

One benefit and reason why we recommend CloudFlare over traditional certificates is that they expire and need to be renewed on a yearly basis which you don't need to worry about with CloudFlare. 

CloudFlare has 3 SSL Options, their Flexible SSL is the easiest to setup and handles most of our client's encryption needs. We also support their Full SSL option which doesn't require installing a certificate on our side. 


To get started, signup for a CloudFlare free account and send us your CloudFlare credentials along with your current domain registrar's credentials Enabling HTTPS on CloudFlare; alternatively you could follow the Enabling HTTPS on CloudFlare guide for a more DIY route.

Traditional Certificates

Our Phoenix platform also works with traditional SSL/TLS certificate. This service will cost $200 annually for each certificate installed.

You can purchase a certificate and then purchase the Custom SSL Installation service on your Pronto Dashboard account. We'll generate the CSR and the Private Key for you within 1 business day, after that you can generate the Public Key and send it back to us, then we'll enable HTTPS on your website.

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