Mockup Review - Using Google Drawings to Give Feedback


Google Drawings is a great tool that we use during the Mockup Review process to help you give feedback on your website's mockup.

After your homepage mockup has been completed, we will prepare a Google Drawing for you that shows your mockup divided into separate sections. You can then give feedback on any aspect of the mockup using Google Drawing's built in commenting functionality.

Let's take a look at how you can give you feedback via comments and how to use Google Drawings other features effectively.


Navigating around the Mockup Review

How to zoom in on something you want to see
To zoom in on a specific section of the mockup, click the "Zoom" tool and drag to select an area you would like to zoom into, or just click on an area you want to zoom in on.

How to zoom out again
To zoom back out, simply click on the "Zoom to fit" tool, which will zoom you back out to full view.


Giving your feedback via comments

How to give your feedback by commenting
Once you see something that you want to give feedback about, click on the section it is in, click "Insert Comment", write on your comment and click "Comment". You can leave as many comments as you want about points in each section.

Once you have added your feedback, we will begin working on the points you outlined. In some cases we may add replies to your comments and notify you that we have done this. You will be able to view these comments and even reply to them if needed.

If you login with your Google account before making comments, you will receive notifications via email whenever we reply to your comments.

If you have any questions about the Mockup Review process, feel free to ask your designated project Manager.

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