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We're excited to announce Pronto Insights Reports: new interactive reports that capture and analyze your most valuable marketing performance metrics every month right inside your Pronto dashboard. Insights Reports also provide comparison data to the previous month so that you can see how you're trending month to month. 

Where can I view my reports?

By default, we'll setup monthly reports for your site after it goes live and start collecting data. Each month we'll automatically send you a notification email when a new report is ready. To find your site's reports, you can see a new menu on the Insights dropdown for the site on your dashboard and main nav bar inside your account. 

What's included in the reports?

  • Traffic - An overview of your traffic including visitor traffic broken down by source to see which sources are bringing the most visitors to your site. 
  • Leads - Total number of leads and leads by source to see which sources are converting the most. This feature is exclusive to our clients on our Phoenix platform, if you're not on it, contact us to get started on a migration
  • Engagement - Bounce Rate and Page Views per Visit metrics show you how engaged your site visitors are once they get there. 
  • Inbound Strength - Pulled from our Competitors module, Domain Authority and Inbound Links metrics indicate how strong your site is for SEO.
  • Keyword Rankings - A snapshot of your how your site's Search Engine Page Rank (SERP), their search volume, and difficulty score.


How do I manage report notifications?

By default, all users in accounts are subscribed to Insights Report Notifications. If you'd like to unsubscribe to notifications for certain reports, you can do this inside your user profile's notification settings.


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That's all for now, we really hope you enjoy your new Insights Reports. If you're having any issues with your reports make sure you reach out to our awesome support team to help you out.


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