Faster Sites with Google PageSpeed Optimization


We’re happy to announce that all of our Phoenix sites are now loading faster than ever with dynamic optimization powered by Google PageSpeed. With this optimization in place, we’re seeing speed reductions of 0.5s of total page load time (around 15% reduction). This may seem small, but every tenth of a second counts for users and conversion, slower pages result in higher abandonment rates.  

What is Google PageSpeed?

PageSpeed improves web page latency and bandwidth usage by dynamically changing the resources on that web page to implement web performance best practices. PageSpeed automatically applies best practices to pages on the fly speeding up the site and reducing page load times. We’ve enabled their Core Filter set which focuses on CSS and Javascript optimizing.

With and Without Optimization Comparison

With Google PageSpeed optimization enabled, we’re seeing half a second faster load times which can account for 15% or more of total page load time. 

As you can see, with the optimization enabled, the page is visibly complete to the user faster and fully loaded 0.5 seconds faster.

We really hope you enjoy your blazing fast website, if you run into any issues, dont hesitate reach out the our awesome 24/5 support team and we'll help you out.  

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