Introduction to Call Tracking


Our call tracking platform works by dynamically replacing all the phone numbers on your website with a tracking phone number that is specifically shown to that visitor.

When visitors dial one of these tracking numbers, the call will be forwarded to your primary office line (or another number of your choosing) while the caller's details, including how they arrived at your site, the page the landed on, and a recording of the call, will be logged in our reporting system for you to view later.


At a glance, the reporting dashboard tells you how many calls you’ve received as well as some basic information about those calls.

Call Details

Here you can find details about the call including the caller’s location, what pages they visited on your site and a recording of the call.

Email Notifications

As soon as a call has been completed, you’ll receive an email notification giving you basic information about the call and link to the Call Details page.

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    Robin Graine

    Please explain the recording system to me.

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    Scott Pressimone

    Hi Robin, I'd be happy to explain. Any calls that are routed through the call tracker phone numbers will be recorded (up to 500 minutes per month). When you sign into your Pronto account and click "More Insights / Call Tracking," you'll see a list of all of the tracked phone calls. Click on the "Details" button and more information for that specific call will appear (Caller Location, Caller History, Call Recording). While on that page, you can play the recording and even type in notes for future reference. I'll email you directly with some more specifics.