Deliver joy and holiday cheer to your loyal clients and followers with our customized greeting cards! Each year, we prepare a set of unique eCards for 13 popular US holidays and special occasions, including Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.


  • Subscriber list management
  • eCard customization
  • Testing on various email platforms
  • Deployment of 1 eCard campaign per holiday for up to 1,000 subscribers* free-of-charge
  • Detailed campaign performance reports


  • $350 per year

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Who can I send my eCard email campaigns to?

  • Our email service provider, Campaign Monitor, follows a strict opt-in only policy on who you may contact. All mailing lists provided must comply with the laws and regulations established by the email service provider.
  • Deployment will be free for one eCard campaign per holiday. Send up to 1,000 email greetings branded with your your logo, company colors and message to your customers and business contacts. Got more than 1,000 email addresses you want to send greetings to? No problem. Add additional recipients for just $0.01 per email address.

How many designs can I choose from?

  • You will be able to choose from a selection of at least 3 different eCard designs that are sent to you for review before each holiday. Once you've selected a design we'll customize it and send it to you for a final review before scheduling it for distribution.
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