Social Media - Design + Basic Updates


Let's face it. Your company is being judged by everyone who interacts with it. And just because you have a beautiful website it doesn't mean you can ignore the design of your social media profiles. Building a cohesive brand throughout your Internet presence makes the transition between social media and your website seamless for visitors.

Our all-star design team will create customized banners and backgrounds for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles, giving all your web properties the professional touch.

Plus our syndicated content feed ensures your profiles are regularly updated with relevant status updates that your clients will find informative and engaging.


  • Customized Facebook Timeline design
  • Customized Twitter background and banner
  • Customized LinkedIn banner
  • Customized Google+ banner
  • Syndicated status updates
  • Monthly report on social media performance
  • RSS blog integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Unlimited status updates based on information you provide


  • $200 setup
  • $25 per month

Get Started:


How long will it take to customize my social profiles?

  • The setup and customization process usually take about a week, depending on whether your social profiles have already been created and how many design revisions you request.

What if I want to change my profile design in the future?

  • No problem, just let us know and we'll get started on an updated design. Likewise, if Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn change their profile layouts down the road, we'll provide an updated design at no extra cost!

What if I want to post a status update that is specific to my business?

  • That's not a problem either! If there is something specific you'd like us to post on your behalf (a new hire announcement or pictures from a company event for example), just send the details and images to us and we'll craft a status update to post to your profiles.
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    Louis du Plessis

    Hi , have just signed up for social media services. I think we have already done this in the past and have had things set up re twitter , google etc, but am unsure. Please could you guys check and omit the setup fee if this already has been done. thanks'Louis

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    Scott Pressimone

    Hi Louis - Absolutely! Our team will be reaching out to you via a support ticket shortly. We'll make sure you aren't charged for setup again since you were previously subscribed to this service. If you have any question in the meantime, please email support at Thanks for your business!