What we call “Pitch Pages” are the long home page style pages that tell a story in a visual way. These pages can help “pitch” a specific product, or your company’s unique value proposition.

Every home page we build is a Pitch Page, but some websites call for more than just one special page like this. For example, a new product launch, services overview, or industry focus.

To see examples of the Pitch Pages we’ve created, check out the home pages of any of the examples in our website showcase.


  • $300 per page

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What’s the difference between a home page and a Pitch page?

  • A home page is always a Pitch Page, but a Pitch Page is not always a home page.

Can I display two different aspects or departments of my company on a single website?

  • Sure thing! The best way to handle this is by creating multiple Pitch Pages. These are essentially two different home pages that provide an overview of each product, service or department. We can even change the logo to be different for each page.
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