Website - Custom SSL Certificate Installation


If you need a custom SSL Certificate setup for your domain, our infrastructure team is here to help. Once you purchase this service, our infrastructure team will reach out to you with the next steps on setting up the SSL Certificate for your domain.

Note: We highly recommend using Cloudflare's Free Universal SSL certificate service which is free to setup and supported by Pronto at no extra charge. Click here to learn more.


  • Pre-purchase support to help answer any questions about purchasing SSL Certificates.
  • Post-purchase support to help you with getting the certificate keys from your certificate authority.
  • CSR Generation to give to your Certificate Authority.
  • Chain Key Installation for mobile support.
  • Public, Private, & Chain Key installation on all of our servers across our platform.
  • Ongoing maintenance for when you need to update your certificate, we'll reinstall it for you.


  • $200 per year

Get Started:


Why do you charge for this service?

  • Installing and maintaining SSL Certificates and keys across dozens of servers is a resource consuming process with additional risks. Our infrastructure team needs to take time with each certificate to make sure things are done properly.

What happens when my certificate expires?

  • Your Certificate Authority will notify you when your certificate is about to expire. Just send us the new certificate and we'll update it across all of our platform servers.
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