ConnectWise Forms Integration


Our ConnectWise Forms Integration is a Gravity Forms add-on plugin. Gravity Forms is the standard plugin we use for all of our clients, so if you already have a Pronto website, there's no need to replace your forms with another solution.

What it Does

The integration connects with ConnectWise's REST API, sending data to the following modules:

  • Company (creating Companies and Contacts)
  • Sales (creating Opportunities and Activities)
  • Marketing (to retrieve Marketing Campaigns to set for Opportunities)
  • Service Desk (creating Service Tickets)

The integration works in addition to any notifications or confirmations you already have setup with your forms.

How it Works


Each form on your website can include ConnectWise "Feeds." A Feed contains ConnectWise settings and mapping instructions for that specific form. For example, one feed could create an Opportunity, while another creates a Service Ticket.

Most of the time a form will only have one Feed attached to it, but there may be some complex situations where you would want multiple actions to take place.

Feeds can easily toggle between active and inactive to pause sending data to ConnectWise without having the disable the entire form.

Sending Data to ConnectWise

Each time a form is submitted (and if the form's Feed is active), it will send data to your ConnectWise account. The integration follows this basic sequence of events:

  • Email lookup - We'll first see if there are any contacts in your system with the email address of the person who submitted the form. If there isn't, a new contact will be created.
  • Company lookup - Same thing as above, but for company name.
  • Create an Opportunity - If enabled in Feed settings.
  • Create an Activity - If enabled in Feed settings.
  • Create a Service Ticket - If enabled in Feed settings.
  • Add a log entry - The log contains all successful and failed calls to help troubleshoot.

You can view a full detailed logic flow of how the integration works here.

Setup Guide

Adding a New Feed

Once logged into your WordPress dashboard, select the form you'd like to integrate with ConnectWise. 

In the Form Settings drop down, select ConnectWise.

On the Feeds page, click Add New

Choose Which Actions to Take Place

Give your Feed a name and choose if you'd like it to create an Opportunity, Activity, and/or Service Ticket. If no options are checked, the integration will create a new Contact and Company.

Configure Contact Details

Map the ConnectWise fields to the fields on your form. Because ConnectWise needs a first and last name, it's best for your form to include separate first and last names as well.


Choose other options to be set for the newly created contact, such as Contact Type or Department.

The Notes field will add a ConnectWise note for your contact. It can contain any type of text as well as fields from your form.

For example, something like this:

Configure Company Details

Map fields just like for Contacts. In this section, you have the option to add additional fields by clicking the "+" icon to the right of the fields.

"Company" is required to be mapped to a field for the integration to create a new company, but you may include additional optional fields such as Phone or Address.


Configure additional settings just like for Contact Details.

Configure Opportunity Details

The Summary field can contain field "merge tags" just like Notes. You can easily select merge tags from your form by clicking the small box to the right of these types of fields:

Configure Activity Details

Similar to Opportunity Details.

Configure Service Ticket Details

Similar to Opportunity and Activity Details.


Turning Feeds On/Off

Once you save your feed, you can navigate back to the Feeds page. You should see your feed there with a green switch. You can click this to toggle turning the Feed on or off without affecting any of your form's other functionality.


Testing and Troubleshooting

With the Feed active, submit a few tests on your form. Check in ConnectWise to make sure everything was created properly.

Checking the Error Log

If something isn't working as expected, you can check the error log which contains all events that take place each time a form is submitted. Download and install the Logging Add-on to access error logs.

To access the error log, navigate to Forms > Settings > Logging

Once on the Logging page, click "view log" for Gravity Forms ConnectWise Add-On:

Parsing through the log is pretty scary if you're not familiar with this sort of thing, but here are the basics:

  • The integration starts by adding a company, so you can find the start of your test by searching for the company name you entered in the field.
  • After each action, the API responds with a response code. Anything 20x means success, anything 40x is an error. You can search the error log for "400" to quickly find any errors.
  • Directly above each 40x error contains a message with an explanation of what failed. Here's an example of a 400 error when "The field company is invalid.":

If you have any questions or issues with this just reach out to Pronto support and we'll be happy to help you out.

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