How does the Custom Blogging program work?


If you're already subscribed to the Pronto Custom Blogging program, we're happy to have you! If you haven't yet signed up, you can see the overview and pricing here. The goal of this article is to explain how the program works on an ongoing basis and how to keep everything running smoothly.

Getting started:

After signing up for custom blogging, your dedicated project manager will reach out with an introduction message and a link to an onboarding survey. The survey will help us better understand your goals and preferences. Once the survey is complete, we'll create an individualized editorial calendar which will outline your blog topics and the targeted publish dates. The editorial calendar is a Google Spreadsheet which allows you to easily add feedback and suggestions. 

Defining topics for your blog:

During the onboarding survey, we ask how involved you'd like to be in creating topics for your blog articles. You may want to provide article titles and outlines for the content. On the other hand, you may prefer that Pronto helps with ideas so you can review and provide alternatives when necessary. No matter where you stand on that spectrum, it's important that topics are defined upfront to ensure your blogs can be published on time. 

Methods for sending topics and ideas:

  • Insert comments directly to your Editorial Calendar

  • Reply to your custom blogging support ticket

Reviewing your blog articles:

After each blog topic is finalized, the editorial team will begin researching and writing the content. Once a draft is ready, you'll be notified and the link to the draft will be added to your editorial calendar. You can review the article and provide feedback before anything is published to your website. If revisions are needed, your detailed feedback is critical so we can adapt the style to fit your needs.

Turnaround time:

We always recommend building a backlog of topic ideas so your full allotment of blog posts can be published each month. Writing 1 custom article usually takes 5 business days from the day the writers obtain all the editorial requirement of that particular topic. Therefore, there needs to be buffer between the topics being finalized and the targeted publish date so your articles can be published on a weekly or biweekly basis. If we don't receive feedback or approvals in time, we simply can't guarantee that all of your blog articles will be published each month.


The first invoice for custom blogging will be prorated and billing will begin when we start working on the topics and planning. The following months will be priced at the standard monthly rate.

If you have any questions about the custom blogging program, simply log into your Pronto Dashboard or contact us at



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