Lead Magnet

You can attract visitors into your website by giving them the information relevant to their search. However, visitors don’t become leads by just being in your website.

By turning the information you have into a high-quality eBook, your chance of turning visitors into leads increases.

As the eBook will be offered to visitors in a downloadable PDF format, they will be required to provide the email address they want the eBook to be sent to. Simple as that--they get their eBook, you get their email.

Why Free?

A free eBook is accessible to more people, which means more people can download it. This in turn means you get more email addresses, and thus, more leads.

eBook details: 

This eBook is about the reasons small- and medium-businesses need Managed Services. It details specific ways Managed Services can benefit SMBs. It also tackles some misconceptions about managed services and explains the truth behind them.

It presents specific and detailed information complete with high-quality graphics in order to create the kind of value that will turn leads into customers.

The eBook will be customized to match your website. However, the contents are not customizable. If you want a custom eBook content, you can take a look at our MSP Ready-to-go eBook Service.


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